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CSR Program Policy

Chandra Asri Peduli

Under the auspices of Chandra Asri Care, CAP is committed to prioritize all the efforts in creating a harmony between CAP’s business sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). CAP seeks to engage in in sustainable development, working with employees, employee’s families, local communities, and the public as well as Stakeholders in order to improve the quality of a better life.


As a foundation in implementing CSR programs, CAP establishes policies as guidance in carrying out operational activities as follows:

  1. Sustainable Resources
    Ensuring the usage of sustainable resources by maximize operational efficiency and natural resources conservation.
  2. Pollution
    Improve our environmental performance by preventing or minimizing negative impacts from Company’s operations and efficiently manage waste and promoting 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
  3. Emergency Preparedness and Safety Training Providing
    Employees with appropriate training to enable proper respond on emergency case and eliminate personal safety and health hazards to prevent injuries, occupational illnesses, and fatalities.
  4. Risk Assessment
    Manage potential health, environment, safety and integrity risks of our products throughout the produts’ life cycle.
  5. Social and Community Development
    Conducting community development to improve the living standards and welfare of the community through support, counseling and continuous socialization.
  6. Customer Satisfaction
    Meet or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations through responsive actions to complaints and nonconformities, and maintain active communication with our customers and partners in the supply chain.

As the implementation of CSR policies above, CAP are running programs such as community economic partnership programs, community development programs, and so forth. CAP is being consistent in running these programs each year. Realization cost of implementing CSR programs throughout the year 2014 amounted to Rp11 billion which the funds are managed are managed to optimize the implementation of various programs in the field of health, education, economic, and social environment in order to improve living standards and welfare of the community.