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Public Expose 2017 Presentation
Analyst Meeting - 1H2017 Performance Presentation
Prospectus Limited Public Offering II
CAP Recent Developments
Samuel Sekuritas Report 030717: Alpha Stock on Weak Oil Prices
Investor Update - Jun 2017 Presentation
Business, Financial, and Industry Update
Investor Update - NDR 2017 Presentation
CLSA Report 260317: Home Field Advantage
Analyst Meeting - FY2016 Performance Presentation
Prospectus CAP Bonds I-2016
Investor Update - Singapore, 28-30 Nov 2016 Presentation
Investor Update - 9M2016 Presentation
Media Gathering 2016 Presentation
1H2016 Performance Presentation
CV - Kulachet Dharachandra
Public Expose 2016 Presentation
Public Expose 2015 Presentation
Public Expose 2014 Presentation
Public Expose 2013 Presentation