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Fresh Graduates Program

ITB Scholarship

Scholarship is company assistance final semester college students as company awareness program in education. Each grantee shall to follow compulsory working at company for maximum 2 years. Scholarship is provided in form of Education Assistance for 2 semesters and 12 months allowances. During scholarship, grantees are no allowed to follow a scholarship or compulsory working program from another company or institution. The purpose of the scholarship program included:

  • Early selection of potential asset from reputable university
  • Develop superior human resources
  • Prepare the professionals to strengthen the company business position
  • Strengthen collaborative bonds between industry and university

Why ITB:

  • One of the leading university in the field of technology
  • Geographically close
  • Have alumni who occupy  positions in the company’s strategic position

General Requirements:

  • Has been pass a minimum of 90 credits
  • GPA > 3.00
  • Willing to follow compulsory working
  • Have no official compulsory working with other companies

Selection Process:

  • Scholarship program presentation
  • Limit submission of electronic applications
  • Announcement of preliminary selection
  • Assessment and Focus Group Discussion
  • Panel Interview
  • Medical checkup test
  • Final announcement

Post Selection Process:

  • Plant and lab tour
  • Final presentation